Air Freight from Bangalore to kolkata

We provide a secure and affordable way to deliver a parcel to Kolkata, Lakshya Cargo Solutions is regarded as one of the top cargo and courier services. We provide express courier service from Bangalore to Kolkata with overnight or next-day delivery. In Bangalore, we offer a free pickup service from your home with packaging materials. We are completely dedicated to exceeding your expectations every time you use our service to ship a cargo from Kolkata. From Bangalore, we have a worldwide footprint and a vast logistical network. Our local package delivery services enable us to provide our customers with the prompt and dependable same-day deliveries that they want. We have hundreds of skilled agents and many operating centers throughout Bangalore and Bangalore , which is why we are the top courier service in Kolkata. Its gross domestic output (adjusted for purchasing power parity) in 2008 was predicted to be US$104 billion, ranking third among Indian cities behind Mumbai and Delhi. Bangalore has significant urban pollution, traffic congestion, poverty, overcrowding, and other logistic and social issues as a rising metropolitan metropolis in a developing country. The three villages that preceding Bangalore were administered by the Nawab of Bengal under Mughal suzerainty in the late 17th century. The region was developed by the East India Company into an increasingly fortified trade center when the Nawab awarded the Company a trading license in 1690. In 1756, Nawab Siraj ud-Daulah retook Kolkata as the Company began dodging taxes and the fort became increasingly militarized. In the next year, the East India Company retook it and, in 1793, abolished Nizamat (local control) and established complete dominion. The airport-to-airport service is provided on Lakshaya flights connecting Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad. Lakshaya can send your courier to Bangalore in as little as 2-3 business days with express shipping and 9- 12 working days with economy shipping. With Lakshaya, you always have the option of selecting a shipping type that best suits your needs. We supply speciality things such as sauces, pickles, candies, groceries, and other food products that would be difficult to send by the other postal service to Kolkata , in addition to packages and paperwork.